Nha Trang Motorbike Tour

l - Resort Mud spa get 5 % off

Duration: 1 day
Destination: I- Resort Mud Spa



I-Resort Nha Trang, located 4 km from Nha Trang, is surrounded by high mountains and the winding Cai River that forms a beautiful scenic complex. The first impression of the resort is its Vietnamese traditional-style design with Nipa leaf roofed houses, ponds of water-lilies, stone walls and vegetable gardens. The resort, covering about 6ha, was built with a lounge, a family mineral mud bath area, an outdoor mineral mud bath area, a spa, a swimming pool and a restauran ,the resort is well known for its mineral mud bath services which claim to have many advantages for health care, health treatment and beauty. Here, the mineral mud bath services are diversified, from popular to high-class. After having a mud bath, visitors can relax in the beautiful swimming pool with shade created by Nipa leafed eaves or enjoy services at the spa using Eastern and Western style therapies or try traditional foods at the resort’s restaurant.Tran Dang Quang, Executive Director of I-resort said: “We not only provide mineral mud bath services, but also focus on the convalescence demands of clients. By the end of 2012, we will have finished building bungalows on the hill near the Cai River to complete the resort to meet the demand of tourists.”Although, the resort was only put into operation a few moths ago, it has welcomed thousands of domestic and international visitors. It is expected that in the future the resort will have a considerable contribution to the development of Khanh Hoa Province’s tourism sector.

PRICE LIST :       

   i.THE TENT LUXURY SERVICE                                                                  INCLUDES :

1 Guest :   5.500.000 vnd                                                                                  Private villa from 7;00 a.m to 8;00 p.m ( on the hill top )
2 Guests : 6.500.000 vnd                                                                                   Bathing with coffee (30’)
3 Guests:  8.500.000vnd                                                                                    30-minute body massage with cosmetic mud.
4 Guests : 10.000.000vnd                                                                                   Hot mineral mud soaking. Soaking mineral with herbs.
                                                                                                                         Massage body 60",
                                                                                                                         60-minute body, nail care.
                                                                                             Enjoying fruits, meals, ,fruit juice (Set menu). Bonus 01bottle of  wine Bungalow
                                                                                                                         Gilfs: 01 mud comestic products/guest (price: 350.000vnd)




  PRICE:                                  FULL DAY                       04 HOURS                                                                                              INCLUDES 

01 GUEST/BUNGALOW :    4.000.000                        3.300.000                                                                         Owning a separate bungalow.
02 GUESTS/BUNGALOW : 5.500.000                       4.500.000                                                                           Soaking in hot water with herbs
03 GUESTS/BUNGALOW: 6.500.000                        5.500.000                                                                          Using bungalow’s facilities
04 GUESTS/BUNGALOW: 7.800.000                        6.500.000           Enjoying fruits, drinks, snacks in the restaurant. Bonus 01bottle of wine/Bungalow.
 Additional cost :                                                                60-minute body massage
- 1.500.000đ/guest
- 650.000đ/child (not includes massage)                                               Swimming in private pools of Nine Spa.


PRICE :                                                                                                 INCLUDES :

01 Guest :      2.200.000đ                                                                                                        Own bungalow (about 4 hours).                                                               
02 Guests:   3.000.000đ                                      Consulting,clean bath, hot mineral mud soaking in the wooden tub, hot mineral soaking with herbs.                           
03 Guests:  3.800.000đ                                                                                           Enjoy fruit, drinks, snacks, relax in private space.                                                
04 Guests:   4.500.000đ                                                                                          Body massage (45 minutes).
Additional cost:                                                                           
- 1.000.000đ/guest
- 400.000đ/child (not includes massage)



01 Guest          1.500.000đ/room                                                                                  

02 Guests        2.000.000đ/room                                                         

03 Guests        2.500.000đ/room   

 04 Guests       3.000.000đ/room