Nha Trang Motorbike Tour

About us


VIETNAM  MOTORCYCLE  TOURS  are independent  Motorcycle Touring Company based in NHATRANG city, we offer the best value and ensure your safety  for  your tour through the more remote and unvisited parts  of Vietam stunning of countryside.Our mission is to provide you  with an all around "off the beatten track"experience. This has worked  well  for our cilents in the past, and we have visitors returning for more tours and recommending us to other travelers by word of mouth.We have designed our tour by drawing on our many years experience doing Motorcycle touring in Vietnam . We combine this  with what rides want, giving you the best way to see the real Vienam.  Away from the tourist traps, we are constantly changing  our trips to find the places that have yet  to be discovered by mainstream tour Operators,  which as you have propably seen, are abundant here in Vietnam.  We have discovered the best and safety country roads, away from the Highways, and  we will take you into the real Vietnam and providing you with an experience you will never forget, leaving you longing for another adventure. From spectacular countryside mountains, to minority villages and through stunning coastal paths, we will take you deep into the beauty and culture that Vietnam has to offer. We will go the extra smile to ensure your comfort and safety whilst touring Vietnam, constantly visiting remote villages to see the traditional way of life  capturing the true deep beauty that Vietnam has to offer. All  with the wonderful and kind nature that Mr Thomas & His Team  are known and remembered for.So, if you love riding a motorcycle with the wind  in your hair, constantly exploring and viewing stunning scenery, all with a sense of fun and adventure , then we are the operator you have been trying to find. Unfortunately,nowadys in Vietnam many operator are from overseas, so the profits are going to foreign tour operators and companies.We are 100% locally owned  and operated, so all profits go directly back into the country, to provide food and education to the families and children our guides. This is great for  Vietnam but is also means that we can offer a local view of our beauty country. Also we can offer a better rate because of this reason, which make our tours cheaper With this we can also offer you the best local knowledge, best places to eat and best accommodation.  We can also offer the opportunity to visit Vietnamese families in their homes, and the ability to eat the best home prepared Vietnamese food. Please check our references by real tourist, hand written in our tour journal. With several hundred tours completed by us, you  have the peace of mind that you are getting the best and safest tour available.Our tours cater for both experienced and inexperience riders so rest assured we will  take care of your specific needs and experience levels .We are friendly, genuinely happy people and can help you with anything when here in Vietnam, before and after your tour you can ask us anything.So, please consider us your 1 stop shop when in Vietnam.